New Orleans

What We Do

One of the cornerstones of our Firm's philosophy is TEAMWORK. We have a young, aggressive and capable number of Partners and Associates who understand the value of working together. We are thus able to put together well-focused and coordinated teams, especially to work on multi-state major casualties. We do not place undue emphasis on origination credits with respect to new assignments, as we believe this is inconsistent with the TEAMWORK concept, and often times contrary to the client's best interest.

Rather, our focus is assembling a team of attorneys, sometimes within one geographical location, while at other times consisting of attorneys from two or more of our offices, with the goal being to have the most skilled group of attorneys within our Firm, best suited to handle the case at hand. Our focus is not on who brought in the work, but achieving the best result for our client.

Preis PLC has three strategic office locations along the Gulf Coast - Lafayette, New Orleans and Houston. While two of our three offices are in Louisiana, we have a significant focus and concentration in Texas. Of our 11 attorneys, we have 4 who reside in Louisiana but are admitted to practice in both Louisiana and Texas.

With offices in both Louisiana and Texas, together with our attorneys licensed in both states, we can handle the multi-state litigation, which often results from major casualties along the Gulf Coast. This translates into cost savings and time efficiency to our clients who may otherwise experience increased cost and duplication when having to retain different law firms in Louisiana and Texas.

Lastly, all of our Partners are on-call 24/7. Each Partner is required to have an iPhone, and can be reached at any time.