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Summer Clerkship Program

Preis PLC recuits from law schools around the country. We seek students who have demonstrated high academic achievement, a commitment to excellence and the drive to meet the exciting challenges offered by our clients and growing practice. We strive to provide law clerks with a diverse experience, representative of what it will be like to be an attorney at Preis PLC.

Our summer clerkship program generally consists of a six-week session, which allows clerks the opportunity to work at more than one firm. Each clerk is assigned to a supervising Partner and an Associate mentor. These attorneys serve as the clerk's primary resources throughout the clerkship. Both the supervising Partner and the Associate mentor assign projects to the clerk, provide feedback on assignments, answer questions about the Firm and other matters, assist the law clerk with adjusting to Firm life and provide introductions to attorneys at the Firm through lunches and social gatherings. Additionally, the attorneys routinely invite clerks to accompany them to trials, mediations, hearings and depositions.

During the clerkship, efforts are made to ensure law clerks are exposed to a variety of practice areas, including practice areas in which they have expressed an interest. Law clerks will typically spend time researching and analyzing legal issues and drafting research memoranda. More experienced clerks will frequently draft pleadings, discovery and even portions of appellate briefs.

At Preis PLC, we maintain open lines of communication and are proud of our open door policy, encouraging questions and feedback between attorneys and law clerks. In keeping with our relaxed atmosphere, the dress at the Firm is "business casual."

Preis PLC sponsors several social activities throughout the summer. These are generally informal gatherings which allow law clerks and attorneys to become better acquainted outside of work. Weekly in-house lunches for law clerks and rotating groups of attorneys are held to provide a forum for law clerks to ask questions and learn more about the Firm. In addition, attorneys frequently take the law clerks to lunch or out after work.

Preis PLC salaries for law clerks have always been competitive with the other major Lafayette law firms. Our law clerks are paid weekly.

Our law clerk program is designed to give law clerks an opportunity to become acquainted with our attorneys and get a realistic view of life as an associate at Preis PLC. It is a period of mutual evaluation, and is our primary recruiting vehicle for hiring entry-level associates.


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